Wednesday, September 18, 2013



ART EXHIBITION: “Feathering the next” by Josephine Jagger-Manners

DATES: Sunday 22nd September 2pm – 20th October, 2013

VENUE: Jayes Gallery, 31-33 Gidley Street, Molong NSW 2866 P: 02 6366 9093

The upcoming exhibition at Jayes Gallery of Molong, NSW is Josephine’s second solo show in a major gallery and in this lastest exhibition she examines how both birds and people are alike in creating secure and pleasing homes, how they ‘nest’. Libby Oldham, Gallery Director says “I am pleased to be able to provide this opportunity to such a wonderful and inspiring artist. Her works sit well within our current stable as Josephine has her own style which has developed out of a strong past of being influenced by the European Masters.”

Josephine’s use of colour is always vibrant and reflects her lifestyle. Self-taught, Josephine enjoys painting what she sees as snippets of country life and domesticity.
For Josephine at present spending time painting from her home, surrounded by her large and prolific garden, truly is for her “Feathering the nest”

The exhibition “Feathering the next” opens on Sunday September 22nd, at 2pm.  Following the opening, there will be a scrumptious afternoon tea with Josephine a treat not to be missed. Bookings essential for the afternoon tea however all are welcome to the opening. See you on the day!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


“Whispering Wind”
Artist: Sally Watson

Exhibition opens: Saturday 11 April at 2pm
Exhibition runs: 11 April – 9 June 2013

Jayes Gallery is pleased to be able to provide this opportunity to such a wonderful and inspiring artist.  This will be Sally’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Meditation, Zen and solitude influence Sally’s work. Her images are abstracted, defining a move away from representational art.

Sally also has fifteen years experience working as a graphic designer and illustrator for Nature and Health Magazine, the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, The Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth, The Western Australian Museum, City of Fremantle WA and the Bureau of Flora and Fauna.

This exhibition will delight the viewer and collector alike.


Whispering Wind is symbolic for me of all the things which clear my mind and bring me to the present moment without thinking about the past or future. Drawing puts me in a meditative state and I would like my drawings to express the peace and happiness I experience then. These works are inspired by play and returning to the beautiful garden of my childhood, my sanctuary and source of renewal.

I am not seeking a literal representation, rather a free interpretation of noticeable colours, shapes and thoughts which occur. Someone looking at one of my drawings may become absorbed with the image and for a short space of time their mind slows, they contemplate the work, a few moments pass and a gap in the busy day occurs. Like a deep breath of fresh air. The viewer decides what is going on in the work in front of them. Ultimately I would rather give the viewer the experience of a quiet mind than to fill it with images. I try to create works which are an antidote to the stresses of life.

Visual strategies I use are spontaneous marks and a limited palette working with pastels, watercolours and charcoal. For many works I have mounted quality paper such as Fabriano Accademia onto stretched canvas because I like being able to see the surface and textures without glass reflections obscuring the view.

All are welcome to the opening. See you on the day!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"ECLECTICA COLLECTICA" A rare opportunity

           Rex Irwin from Olsen Irwin Galleries in Woollahra is speaking about art collecting at Jayes Gallery in Molong NSW on 27 April, 2013

Notable Art Dealer, Rex Irwin will visit Molong in a first for the country! Libby Oldham, Director of Jayes Gallery & Sculpture Gardens says ‘this is a coup for the bush as art dealers rarely move from the rarefied air of the Sydney art scene’. This is certainly the case with Rex who has been busy in his Queen Street gallery for many years.

With a big personality and a wry British sense of humour, Rex Irwin will delight and inform invited guests at a luncheon at Jayes Gallery about the art of collecting and what to look for in finding that special piece for your home.  With over 35 years as the leading art dealer in Sydney, Rex Irwin is noted for his expertise and in-depth understanding of the arts. This is a rare opportunity to meet with such expertise outside of the Sydney market so if you are interested in meeting this art specialist in person, then you need to contact Libby Oldham at Jayes Gallery quickly as seats for the luncheon are limited.

Following on from lunch, a combined exhibition from Olsen Irwin and Jayes will be on show in the gallery in the small heritage town of Molong just 32 kms west of Orange. Guests and art lovers will again be entertained by Rex Irwin as he opens the show and explains the attributes of many of the highly collectible and rare pieces on exhibition.

Featuring modern artists Sam Fullbrook, Guy Maestri, Robert Malherbe, Leila Jeffreys, Luke Scibberas, Jonathon Delafield Cook along with past artists of Fred Williams, will be 2 rare etchings from Francisco Goya. A selection of regional works from Joy Engelman, Tim Winters, Jaq Davies, Michael Carroll, Nina Machielse, Josephine Jagger-Manners, Marian Duncan, Judy Whitlock and sculptors Hui Selwood, Ken Hutchinson and Glenn Hoyle.

Rex Irwin is no doubt an icon in the arts world with over 35 years in representing and building the reputations some of Australia’s most notable artists. His flair is in placing an artwork with the right collector in that Rex delights in his buyers being excited by the works they collect and forming deep connections with the pieces. 

The recent merger of the Olsen and Irwin stables into one location at Jersey Road in Woollahra has kept the art world guessing as to what may emerge but the new stable will focus on a broad spectrum of national and international art. With a combined 60 years of dealing in fine art, for Tim Olsen and Rex Irwin this is an exciting partnership.

This is a rare opportunity indeed and now the time is ripe for you to visit Jayes and be entertained by this leading personality of the art world. Bookings for lunch are essential.

Date:                                    Saturday 27 April 2013
Time:                                   12.00 – 3.30 pm
Bookings:                          $40 p/p includes light luncheon
Exhibition Title:                “Eclectica Collectica”
Exhibition Opens:              Saturday 27 April 2013 - Invitation only
Exhibition dates:                 27 – 10 May 2013
Gallery times:                       Wed to Sun 10 am – 4 pm
Contact:                                 Libby Oldham, Director
                                               Ph: 02 63669093

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Exhibition of Paintings and drawings by Nina Machielse Hunt

Opens: Friday 22nd March 2013 at 6pm

Jayes is pleased to introduce this emerging artist in her first solo exhibition at the gallery.  Nina Machielse Hunt gives a fresh insight into the land and sea.

Nina says of her work “I do love being alone in the landscape; walking, sitting, thinking, feeling and absorbing it. More aspects are revealed the longer one looks, actual, imagined or desired. To look and simply breath is my meditation and is becoming a cherished luxury.
I also enjoy drawing en plein air, however I use these scribbles essentially as a spring board and the initial observation tends to shift in the studio. Through the cycle of application and rubbing back and application again the painting eventually takes on its own life. The original landscape I had observed is reinterpreted and an emotional energy is generated during the process. This reinterpretation is evident in the colours, textures, abstractions and all the subtle decisions I make. The original moments of contemplation are suggested in my recent larger canvases of uncluttered spaces and atmospheric colour. 
Recent new experiences have given rise to new challenges which have directly informed this body of work. Certain moods that I experienced on becoming a mother and living in new and unknown landscapes emerged. The colour choices and abstractions reflect my internal state of mind. Frustration, panic and ultimate calm is at the core of each painting as the process was fraught with external and internal factors and emotions. At times my relationship with the landscape is less contemplative!  The simple act of digging, splashing, being covered in sand, dirt, mud, water, snot and sunscreen with my young children. This physical primal response to the landscape is reflected in the gestural marks on several works. Fast, impulsive and confident marks, like that of a childs.
With this body of work I have tried to achieve a cohesive balance where each painting is operating on several levels, formally and intuitively. Invariably there is an element of abstraction”.

The Seed – A symbol of endurance, surviving incredible hardship.
To Drift – To move continuously through to the present.

We invite you to join us at the opening on Friday 22nd March
 and meet the artist in person for what will be a delightful show. The exhibition closes on 28th April, 2013.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"The space between two extremes" - Exciting youthful art to please you!

During November, Jayes Gallery & Sculpture Gardens is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by an exciting artist. Her large abstract works are of particular interest and online images do not give the texture, form or depth of these fabulous works. So a visit to the gallery to fully appreciate these wonderful paintings firsthand is a must!

Laura Holland is a young artist from Dubbo NSW.  Since beginning painting at age 10, she has been practicing and refining her skills for the past 12 years. Now working on numerous exhibitions per year, Laura is gaining recognition for her diverse range of creativity and skill. Ranging from photo-realism in pencil and oils, to large scale abstract and mixed media work, Laura recognises there is an audience for both styles of her work.

"Inferno" Acrylic, Ink & Mixed Media on Canvas 1.2 m x 1.2 m

"I love watching people view my work, whether they are taken by the intensity of my large works, or intrigued by the detail in my drawings, the reactions are always different."  
Laura studied art throughout high school, and achieved great success in her HSC with her major work being selected for Art Express. Since then, Laura has continued to experiment with mediums and push the boundaries of paint, achieving dramatic results. The result of these pieces was 'Space', Laura's first solo exhibition in May 2011.

Alongside teaching both adult's and children's classes, Laura is continually working on her own practice, and currently developing her next body of work. 

"Poise" 100 cm x 40 cm Oil on Canvas

‘The Space Between Two Extremes’, is a show about the merging of two styles of Laura’s work. An experiment of combining the structure of traditional oils and realism with the fluidity of her large scale ink and mixed media works. An explosion of colour and a vivid dance between mediums on a canvas dance floor.

Opening on Saturday 24 November at 2 pm - all welcome!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A star studded night at Jayes!

Artist: Internationally renowned Marian Duncan
and daughter, Jade Duncan
Exhibition opens: Saturday 13 October 2012 at 6.00 pm
Exhibition runs: 13 October – 18 November 2012

Arabian horses, local studs and an eastern theme sets the stage for a wonderful exhibition on horses and rural life at Jayes Gallery in Molong soon.

With a strong international reputation, Marian Duncan is a ‘self proclaimed’ perfectionist when it comes to painting Arabian horses. Whilst Marian says she is still ‘learning’, her horses are so beautifully formed and fashioned, that they come to life before your eyes. With an exceptional eye for detail, Marian’s love of her subject shines through every work she produces.

Her works are regularly used on the covers of magazines; Australian Arabian Horse News and the American Arabian Horse Express and have been sold to collectors across Australasia. The USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Jordan.
Marian tells us “The beauty and quality of the Arabian horse has no equal.” The Arabian is all about their large dark intelligent eyes, beautiful sculpted faces, large fine nostrils, soft velvet muzzles, curved ears, smooth elegant necks with thick manes, balanced body – their beauty lifts your senses and takes your breath away!” These sentiments present in Marian’s elegant paintings of these fine animals and her love of horses makes each work, a fine work of art.

Marian continues to study her Arabians together with all the trappings that make up a horse life; the traditional headstalls and saddles, heritage and environment, the body language and indeed every detail.

"Eyes of Kohl" Oil on Canvas

Supporting artist, Jade Duncan follows in her mother’s footsteps with her recent graphite drawings depicting the lives of local horses. Having been exposed to her mother’s artworks all of her life, it was certain that Jade was going to follow. 

Both ardent horse lovers, Jade tells us “I have been surrounded with horses all of my life, my earliest memories are filled with horses. My Mum introduced me to horses perhaps before I was even born and has passed on her love of everything about them. You may even say that I was brainwashed from birth, and would not change that for anything….I love it.”

We are proud to be able to bring together an exhibition featuring the quality works of both Marian daughter, Jade for your enjoyment and delight.

"United in Thirst" Graphite on Paper

Supporting the show with rural photography, is another family member, Colleen Clayton.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Broadarrow Ambling" by Judy & Sarah Whitlock

"Foxground" Etching Plate in Silver Brooch (left) & as an etching! (right)

Artist: Nationally renowned Judy & Sarah Whitlock
Exhibition opens: Friday 7 September 2012 at 6.00 pm
Exhibition runs: 7 September – 7 October

“Broadarrow Ambling”
A collaborative exhibition in silver and on paper by Sydney-based, Sarah Whitlock, jewellery and object-maker, and Judy Whitlock, artist and printmaker. 

Work Practices
Sharing a studio in the City, Judy works on paper; Sarah works with metal – mostly sterling silver, adding precious and semi-precious stones. Judy etches her images into silver and then makes a very limited edition of prints on paper. Using these “master plates” Sarah creates wearable works of art and delicate objects.

Judy Whitlock is a Sydney-based professional exhibiting artist and multi talented woman. She works predominantly with paper - watercolour, etching, pen/ink, photography, oil-marbling, handmade books; gives workshops, demonstrations and is a watercolour tutor at Kuringai Art Centre. 

She is a member of the Friends Art Group and the Australian Society for Miniature Art (NSW), plays violin with the Balmain Sinfonia, studies Mandarin and carves name seals. 

Preferring the wild and untrammeled, she gravitates to areas less populated, in order to collect new material; areas like Willandra Lakes Heritage Area in western NSW, isolated pockets of the Snowy Mountains, and her country retreat at Watagan. Trees are special subjects.
Judy has been involved in numerous solo, collaborative, joint, and mixed exhibitions. Her work is represented in galleries and private collections in Australia, USA, Asia and Europe.  She has won many prizes particularly in the field of printmaking.

She prints from Flying Lobster Studios in Sydney city, gives demonstrations and workshops and is a watercolour tutor at Kuringai Art Centre. She is a member of the Friends Art Group.

Sarah Whitlock is a Sydney based contemporary jeweller working predominantly in sterling silver to create items of adornment and visual ecstasy. She works from her city studio-workshop-gallery space, the Flying Lobster Studio, now in its 12th year. 

Influences in Sarah’s work stem from such artists as Erte and Klimt as well as less identifiable artisans of ethnicity spanning the great continent, Arabic floral ornament, jewellery of Central Asia and East Asian decorative arts. 

Her range includes all things wearable, and is complemented by another more ornamental range hosted by whimsy and the odd flight of fancy. Trinket and treasure boxes, tooth-fairy boxes, perfume bottles, music boxes and clocks all designed and handcrafted with the extravagance of Faberge and passion of Sarah. 

Featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Studio Brides, and New Weekly Australia, Sarah is represented in commercial galleries and stores throughout NSW and private collections in Australia, Singapore, China, India, Greece and the USA.

"Broadarrow Ambling"
Opens: Friday 7 September 2012 at 6 pm
Exhibition runs: 7 September - 7 October 2012