Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A star studded night at Jayes!

Artist: Internationally renowned Marian Duncan
and daughter, Jade Duncan
Exhibition opens: Saturday 13 October 2012 at 6.00 pm
Exhibition runs: 13 October – 18 November 2012

Arabian horses, local studs and an eastern theme sets the stage for a wonderful exhibition on horses and rural life at Jayes Gallery in Molong soon.

With a strong international reputation, Marian Duncan is a ‘self proclaimed’ perfectionist when it comes to painting Arabian horses. Whilst Marian says she is still ‘learning’, her horses are so beautifully formed and fashioned, that they come to life before your eyes. With an exceptional eye for detail, Marian’s love of her subject shines through every work she produces.

Her works are regularly used on the covers of magazines; Australian Arabian Horse News and the American Arabian Horse Express and have been sold to collectors across Australasia. The USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Jordan.
Marian tells us “The beauty and quality of the Arabian horse has no equal.” The Arabian is all about their large dark intelligent eyes, beautiful sculpted faces, large fine nostrils, soft velvet muzzles, curved ears, smooth elegant necks with thick manes, balanced body – their beauty lifts your senses and takes your breath away!” These sentiments present in Marian’s elegant paintings of these fine animals and her love of horses makes each work, a fine work of art.

Marian continues to study her Arabians together with all the trappings that make up a horse life; the traditional headstalls and saddles, heritage and environment, the body language and indeed every detail.

"Eyes of Kohl" Oil on Canvas

Supporting artist, Jade Duncan follows in her mother’s footsteps with her recent graphite drawings depicting the lives of local horses. Having been exposed to her mother’s artworks all of her life, it was certain that Jade was going to follow. 

Both ardent horse lovers, Jade tells us “I have been surrounded with horses all of my life, my earliest memories are filled with horses. My Mum introduced me to horses perhaps before I was even born and has passed on her love of everything about them. You may even say that I was brainwashed from birth, and would not change that for anything….I love it.”

We are proud to be able to bring together an exhibition featuring the quality works of both Marian daughter, Jade for your enjoyment and delight.

"United in Thirst" Graphite on Paper

Supporting the show with rural photography, is another family member, Colleen Clayton.

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