Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"New Works" by Catherine Hale

"New Works"
Exhibition opens 6 July 2012 at 6 pm
Exhibition runs to 29 July 2012

Catherine Hale is an artist working in the Central West of NSW. Having grown up in Sydney she knows that there is more to life than living under the flight path a block from Parramatta Road.

She is now based in Bathurst and is the proud owner of a recently built backyard studio. Within this space, overlooking chicken coops and vegetable gardens; Catherine joins the frames, stretches the canvases and creates her paintings


My figurative paintings are executed from the imagination. They are narratives drawn from people and landscapes encountered:
Ø     during travels in a caravan round Australia
Ø     working on a multicultural program at the community centre
Ø     caring for Bathurst elderly and
Ø     volunteering at school vege garden working bees

I also work in landscape and still life; these are the inhabited spaces without the people.