Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Through my eyes - Cambodian Inspiration" by Matthew Begg

Matt tells of the inspiration for this new exhibition of works “Seeing Cambodia for the first time was like looking at life with fresh eyes. In Cambodia everything is so different from the West- the architecture, the landscape, the way of living and the organization of the place-the country is so raw.

“I don’t want to capture just the grand architecture and the glamorous living. I want to capture the essence of the place, the beauty of the average building or street scene-the real Cambodia”.

Matthew Begg was born in Camden Australia in 1979 and is now residing in Dubbo in Central Western NSW. Matthew is a self taught artist, he developed an interest in art as a small child and as long as he can remember he has drawn and painted.

Matthew usually works with acrylic on cotton because of its versatile nature. His work is highly detailed, elaborate and engrossing and demonstrates a sophisticated knowledge of perspective.

During Matthew’s trip to Cambodia he was inspired to paint the everyday life and the conditions that the people experience. He loved the honesty and rawness of the country, nothing was swept under the carpet - both beauty and harshness was exposed for all to see.

Matthews latest exhibited artworks have been inspired from photographs taken by himself, friends or family. He is currently working on a range of streetscapes.

"Paddy Field"

Exhibition opens: Friday 30 March 2012 at 6.00 pm

Exhibition runs: 30 March – 29 April 2012    

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